Determined to become the pioneer, model,
and leader in pursuit of carbon peak and carbon neutrality

Founded in 2008, Zhejiang Sunoren Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (“Sunoren”, stock code: 603105) is a national new high-tech enterprise that focuses on investment, construction, and operation of distributed photovoltaic power stations and is dedicated to distributed solar power generation. On the basis of continuously expanding the scale of self-sustained distributed power stations and relying on existing distributed photovoltaics customer resources, the company makes steady progress in charging piles and industrial and commercial distributed energy storage business, proactively engages in the R&D and sales of off-grid and on-grid energy storage products, constantly explores new application fields of distributed energy, resolves to become the pioneer, model, and leader in pursuit of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and contributes to the construction of a new power system based on new energy.

  • Gross generation of photovoltaic power station projects


  • Annual saving of standard coal


  • Annual power output


  • Carbon dioxide emission reduction


  • Sulfur dioxide emission reduction


  • Annual energy cost saving for real economy

    100million+ yuan

Business Scope

Distributed photovoltaic power station investment and operation (self-sustained distributed photovoltaic power stations), distributed photovoltaic project development, construction, and services (development + EPC + operation and maintenance), energy storage technology and product development and application, smart EV charging station investment and operation, production and sales of photovoltaic products.

  • Vision

    Let the sky bluer, the water cleaner, and the life better.

  • Mission

    We provide customers with more efficient, more convenient, and smarter comprehensive clean energy services with distributed solar energy at the core.

  • Value

    Confidence and integrity: Confidence comes from strength; integrity achieves success.

    Suffering from a disadvantage can be a blessing: Don’t haggle over personal gains and losses. Opportunities always come unexpectedly when you suffer from a loss.

    Knowing both ourselves and our customers: Know ourselves, deeply understand customers, and be aware of risks.

    Prepare in advance: Look ahead, decide first and move later, for the opportunity favors those  prepared.