With the rise of fossil energy costs, the determination of various countries to gradually replace fossil energy with new energy has become firmer. Energy storage products are indispensable supporting products for new energy. In recent years, overseas demands for products such as household off-grid, off/on-grid, and portable energy storage have increased sharply, and the global market has gathered momentum. In the early stage, the company carried out extensive market research and reserved technical strength for the development of household energy storage products. Now it has established a household energy storage product development center and completed product planning, target market screening, and product trial production. In the future, trial products will be further polished and optimized to become competitive on the market. Simultaneously, the construction of market channels worldwide has been accelerated to achieve batch production and sales as soon as possible.

R&D Direction

  • Off-grid Energy Storage Inverters (3kW to 30kW)

    Application scenarios: Areas where there is no access to power or areas with power shortage and unstable power, and without peak loads such as motors like India, Pakistan, and other developing countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America where the local power grid conditions are poor and customers are sensitive to prices.

    Off-grid Energy Storage Inverters (3kW to 30kW)

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  • On /off -grid integrated energy storage inverters (3kW to 20kW)

    Application scenarios: newly installed or modified photovoltaic systems equipped with energy storage; occasions where photovoltaic benefits are high and energy storage is equipped,such as Europe, Japan, Australia, the United States, and other countries and regions with high consumer prices.

    On /off -grid integrated energy storage inverters (3kW to 20kW)

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  • Portable Power Bank-600W~2400W

    Application scenarios:

    • Outdoor work, picnics

    • Family emergency

    • Night lighting

    • Car charging, jump start

    Portable Power Bank-600W~2400W

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Specific Product