One-stop Services

Sunoren is a comprehensive energy service provider with distributed energy at its core. Sunoren focuses on user services, establishes popularity and reputation, vigorously promotes distributed energy development, and provides users with comprehensive solutions such as energy generation, energy saving, energy storage, etc. to achieve common development. Sunoren helps investors by providing power station construction, improving the efficiency of on-grid power generation, saving construction costs, and improving product competitiveness through high-value-added services. It provides one-stop services with the Internet and the Internet of Things, etc.

After many years of exploration and accumulation, Sunoren has formed a scientific power station operation mechanism and uniform standards, from resource development to household survey, from scheme design to on-site construction, from completion acceptance, power station grid connection to operation and maintenance. Its core competitiveness lies in its high-quality professional teams.

One-stop Services
  • Professional Design Team
    Professional Design Team

    In the field of power station design, Sunoren always adheres to people-oriented teamwork concepts, pays attention to cultivating the company’s own design talents, and continuously enhances the strength of its design teams. Adhering to the design philosophy of “making perfection more perfect”, the company tailors the best design solutions for customers to ensure higher power generation efficiency and economic benefits.

  • Professional Construction Team
    Professional Construction Team

    Sunoren boasts a construction and installation team with fine technology, strong professionalism, and of good qualities, which strictly abides by construction standards and the company’s comprehensive service management requirements, providing owners with standardized, professional, and normalized power station construction services and winning a good reputation in the industry.

  • Professional Operation and Maintenance Team
    Professional Operation and Maintenance Team

    The company has set up a special power station operation and maintenance department and established a professional operation and maintenance team. The team members have rich professional knowledge and years of application experience. They are divided according to regions for regular inspections and maintenance, rushing to the scene right away to address problems when malfunctions occur. The professional operation and maintenance service will maximize the operational benefits of power stations.

Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

Operation and maintenance modeItemsFunctions features
Intelligent operation and maintenanceEnergy storage PCS remote controlBackstage remote control reduces the operation time and probability of operation and maintenance personnel in energy storage containers, which effectively ensures personnel safety and improves operational efficiency.
Air conditioning remote control
Remote control of energy storage on-grid cabinets
Remote control of energy storage power distribution boxes
Remote automatic meter reading of energy storage power stations
Adjustment and downloading of backstage remote charge and discharge control strategies
Reactive compensation of energy storage power stations