Company history

  • 2021

    The energy storage system was put into operation, and the integrated layout of light storage and charging was accelerated

  • 2020

    Entered the field of smart EV charging

  • 2019

    The cumulative installed capacity of distributed solar power stations reached 1GW

  • 2018

    Listed on the A-shares market

  • 2017

    Jointly built the Sunoren Science and Technology Research Station with the State Key Laboratory of Silicon Materials, Zhejiang University

  • 2016

    Entered the mass-consumer market and made green energy available to innumerable families

  • 2015

    Listed on the New OTC market and financed more than 600 million yuan

  • 2014

    Completed constructions of 80MWp distributed power stations, making Haining one of the first demonstration areas of the largest grid-connected stations in Zhejiang Province, and realized the shift from single manufacturing to distributed solar energy

  • 2013

    of Zhejiang Province, and became one of the first movers in benefiting from distributed solar power station policies

  • 2011

    Obtained the title of National New High-tech Enterprise

  • 2008

    Company founded


Future direction of development

In the future, the company will continue to focus on the construction of self-sustained power stations, strengthen its distributed photovoltaics business, and further consolidate its industrial position in the distributed energy field. At the same time, on the basis of stable operation of the main business, the company will closely follow the development of product technology, focus on the customer base of distributed business, combine energy storage technology, charging pile technology, etc. to expand fields relevant to the company’s main business. The company will actively explore new distributed application fields, integrate various competitive advantages and steadily promote the diversified layout of smart EV charging, energy storage, building integrated photovoltaics, and other business to realize the vigorous development of the company in the new energy industry.