Organizational Structure

Zhejiang Sunoren Solar Technology Co., Ltd. established a standardized corporate legal person management system in accordance with the provisions of the Company Law of the People’s Republic of China and its Articles of Association. The authority organ of the company is the shareholder meeting, and the board of directors and board of supervisors were elected by the shareholder meeting. The board of directors is the decision-making organ of the company and the board of supervisors is the supervisory organ of the company. As a whole, it forms a mutual coordination and checks and balances mechanism between the authority, the decision-making, the supervision, and the execution, continuously improving corporate governance.

Organizational Structure

Shareholder Meeting

The shareholder meeting comprises all shareholders and is the company’s authority organ. The soundness of the shareholder meeting system has channeled effective communication with shareholders to guarantee all shareholders’ right to know, participate and vote on the company’s major matters.

Shareholder Meeting

Board of Directors

  • Introduction to the Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors is the company’s decision-making organ, with standardized operation and scientific decision-making. At present, the company’s Board of Directors consists of seven directors. The Board of Directors has three special committees, namely, the strategy committee, the audit committee, and the nomination, compensation, and assessment committee.

  • Directors
    NameSexJob title
    Zhang LizhongmaleChairman, Executive Director
    Zhang ZhenhaomaleExecutive Director
    Dai JiankangmaleNon-Executive Director
    Wang GuoshengmaleNon-Executive Director
    Liu HuanmaleIndependent Director
    Zhao XueyuanfemaleIndependent Director
    Luo XiaoyangmaleIndependent Director

Board of Supervisors

  • Introduction to the Board of Supervisors

    The Board of Supervisors is the company’s supervisory organ. It is accountable to the shareholder meeting, exercises supervision rights in accordance with the law, and ensures that legitimate rights and interests of shareholders and the company are not violated. The company’s Board of Supervisors is now composed of three supervisors.

  • Supervisors
    Job title
    Qian PengfeimaleChairman of the Supervisory Board
    Chen ZhongguomaleSupervisor
    Pan ChengqiangmaleEmployee Representative Supervisor

Operation and Management Layer

  • Introduction to the Operation and Management Layer

    The Operation and Management Layer is the company's executive organ and is accountable to the Board of Directors.

  • Members of the Operation and Management Layer
    Job title
    Zhang ZhenhaomaleGeneral Manager
    Zhang JianmaleDeputy General Manager and Board Secretary
    Jin ZhimingmaleDeputy General Manager
    Chen JianjunmaleDeputy General Manager
    Qian QifengmaleDeputy General Manager
    Jin XuanlifemaleFinancial Director