Research and Development

National New High-Tech Enterprise.

Zhejiang New High-Tech Enterprise Research and Development Center; A Technologically Advanced Small and Medium-sized Enterprise of Zhejiang Province.

Jiaxing Enterprise Technology Center.

Level 2 and 3 qualifications for general contracting of power projects; Four-level qualification for installation (repair and test) of electric power

169 patents, including 151 utility models and 17 inventions   Design patents 

5 software copyright recordals; proprietary intellectual property of the core technology of the company’s main products (services).

  • 169

    R & D patent

  • 5

    Software copyright

Industry-university-research Cooperation

  • A postdoctoral workstation of Zhejiang Province.

  • High-quality and professional scientific research team.

  • Industry-university-research cooperation with Zhejiang University, Central University of Finance and Economics, North China Electric Power University, and etc.

  • Attach importance to the introduction and cultivation of talents.

  • Actively promote technical cooperation of upstream and downstream industries.

Industry-university-research Cooperation

R&D Center

Relying on the R&D (technology) center, integrating external R&D resources such as the State Key Laboratory of Silicon Materials of Zhejiang University, Sunoren continuously researches and develops from modules to application ends (distributed power stations), improves power generation efficiency and reduces unit costs through technological progress, and ensure that the technological level of the company in module manufacturing, distributed photovoltaic power stations, smart EV charging stations, and energy storage keep abreast with the advanced levels in the industry. 

R&D Center