“Photovoltaic power + energy storage + charging” integrates photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, charging piles, and other equipment. Through intelligent control technology of microgrids, the core technology of “solar storage and charging energy microgrid system” and the “energy connectivity sharing platform” are given full play. “Photovoltaic power, power grids, energy storage, and power utilization” constitutes a local intelligent microgrid system, which converts solar energy into electric energy to directly supply nearby charging vehicles or stores the power in the energy storage system. It can not only provide green electric energy for electric vehicles but also plays an auxiliary role in allocating peak-valley use of electricity, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of clean energy.


Smart EV Charging Station Scheme

  • Smart EV Charging Station
    Device System Diagram

  • Smart EV Charging Station
    Operation Scheme
    • 01 Charging mode

      Scan to charge: Charging services can be started after the QR code on the terminal of the device is scanned.

    • 02 System detection

      Remote queries of station and pile location and running status, etc.

    • 03 Operation statistics

      Statistics and storage of operating data such as charging amount, times of charges, income, etc., reports, logs, and other information.

    • 04 Maintenance management

      Fault alarm information reporting, responding, and processing.

Major Components of Smart EV Charging Stations

Major Components of Smart EV Charging Stations
  • 01. Photovoltaic carports

    Photovoltaic modules are installed on carports in parking lots, shading vehicles under carports from the sun or rain, converting the sunlight into electrical energy, and charging electric vehicles.

  • 02. Charging piles

    Charge new energy vehicles, reduce the use of fossil energy and tail exhaust emissions, and travel in an environmentally-friendly manner.

  • 03. Energy storage battery cabinets

    Photovoltaic electricity is preferentially provided to electric vehicles. And the photovoltaic electricity not consumed will be stored in the battery or provided to other electric equipment in the park.

  • 04. Cameras

    Real-time monitor vehicles in carports to ensure the safety of vehicles. The three functions of photovoltaic carports, energy storage, and charging piles can be operated independently and flexibly selected according to their cooperation mode.

Functions and Features of Smart EV Charging Stations

Smart energy

Through the information data interconnection platform, the integrated operation of photovoltaic power, energy storage, and charging is integrated, providing green electricity to electric vehicles.

Smart charging

Charging piles detect electric vehicles’ charging needs and flexible charging technology ensures the safety of piles.

Smart transportation

Information on photovoltaic parking lot stations is available online. You can obtain parking space information through the mobile APP and reserve a parking spot.

Smart media

Through wireless Internet connection, LCD commercial advertisements or publicity videos of government public welfare multimedia can be broadcast remotely.

Functions and Features of Smart EV Charging Stations

Advantages of Smart EV Charging Stations

Advantages of Smart EV Charging Stations
  • 01

    Promote the application of green and clean new energy, demonstrating the social responsibility of corporates and enhancing the overall image of the company.

  • 02

    Lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage technology adjusts peak-valley electricity utilization and improves the utilization rate of photovoltaic energy.

  • 03

    Low-carbon travel of electric vehicles reduces fossil energy consumption as well as greenhouse effects and contributes to environmental protection.

  • 04

    Photovoltaic carports convert sunlight to clean electricity, shelter vehicles from the sun or rain, and improve the parking environment.

  • 05

    Internet multimedia broadcast technology delivers government public service advertisements, corporate promotional videos, or permitted commercial advertisements through cloud service ends.

  • 06

    5G Internet technology can online locate the charging piles and you can check charging piles through a mobile APP with intelligent navigation.

Main Business Bodes

  • 01. Township dedicated transformer charging stations

    We fully invest in the charging stations and collect service fees for charging electric vehicles, and the venue operators collect parking fees.

  • 02. High-voltage charging stations in urban areas

    We lease parking spaces, fully invest in the charging stations, and collect service fees for charging electric vehicles, and the venue operator collects rents of parking spots.

  • 03. DC piles of low-voltage stations

    The full investment will be borne by our company. The venue operator provides the power supply and we charge the charging service fees. Venue operators share 10% of the charging service fees as the venue management fee.

Costs of professionally designed photovoltaic parking carports are 50-50 split by our company and venue operators.