Perfect integration of photovoltaic power and architecture

Building integrated photovoltaics opens a new era of architecture

BIPV refers to a photovoltaic power generation system simultaneously designed, constructed, and installed as the building and is perfectly integrated with the building. As a part of the external structure of the building, it not only has the function of power generation, but also has the function of building components and building materials, and can even enhance the beauty of the building and form a perfect unity with the building.

  • Overall structure of Sunoren rooftop BIPV system

  • Technical solutions for rooftop installation

    Color steel roof: Connected with color steel through special fixtures without damaging the original roof structure.

    Concrete roof: Guiding gutter support is connected to the roof through chemical anchor bolts and the connection is coated with outdoor waterproof sealant.

    The main guiding gutter is fixed on the guiding gutter stand.

    Save construction costs

    Color steel roof: Color steel tiles, thermal insulation cotton, and color steel tiles or steel wire mesh are needed to be laid in the upper, middle, and lower layers respectively for traditional color steel roofs at the cost of approx. 100 yuan/m2. However, the BIPV system structure only needs to lay a layer of thin color steel tiles and the cost is only about 50 yuan/m2. 500,000 yuan can be saved for each 10,000 m2.

    Concrete roof: To prevent the roof from aging and water leakage, a layer of waterproof rolls is laid on the surface of the traditional concrete roof, and the cost is about 25 yuan/m2. Adoption of the BIPV system structure can save this procedure, saving about 250,000 yuan per 10,000 m2.

    Double waterproofing effect

    The Sunoren rooftop BIPV system is composed of longitudinal main guiding gutters and transverse secondary guiding gutters. When it rains, rainwater flows through the photovoltaic panels and is discharged to the gutter along the main and secondary guiding gutters to achieve double waterproofing effects.